Long before Blue Planet was aired on TV, Kevin Dean was becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of plastic waste that was being washed up on the beach near his home in Southsea, Portsmouth. He began designing a large steel  sculpture, 6 metres long and based upon the sea bass, a species found in the Solent. 


Named The BIG FISH, the sculpture's belly would be partly exposed to reveal a typical range of plastic rubbish that could be collected from Southsea Beach. The concept was readily adopted by Portsmouth City council and several sites for siting The BIG FISH on Southsea Seafront are under consideration.   

artist impression of the big fish insitu - Rafael klein

artist impression of the big fish insitu - Rafael klein


Working in partnership with the international sculptor Rafael Klein, they have devised an exciting public engagement project to encourage and inspire people to address the problem of plastic waste in our environment. 


Some funding has been raised, but more will be needed, however there has been so much support for the project that the artists are very optimistic about it being built and look forward to presenting The BIG FISH to the general public for the first time at The Portsmouth Seafood Festival on 30th June - 1st July. 

If you would like to become involved in this landmark project please contact info@kevindean.co.uk